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Join the thousands people who have improved their bridge skills online. Our skilled teachers, Brian and Samantha, lead you through the basics of bridge with an easy to understand series of video lessons available to you 24/7/365. Learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, with suggestions, tips, tricks and play problems from our experts. New content added weekly!


We LOVE teaching new players!

We love teaching bridge and excel at taking someone who has never touched a deck of cards and showing them how to play bridge—arguably one of the most difficult card games in the world.

We WANT to hear from you!

Seriously! we want feedback on what is working and what isn't. Having difficulty understanding a topic? Contact us with your questions. You will have personalized access to our teachers, who will address and answer questions regularly.

We LOVE content!

We are always looking to add content (even some inspired by your questions). You will get unlimited access to our entire library of lessons which will be constantly growing.

We BREAK IT DOWN for you.

We break down difficult concepts to their most basic parts, making them easy for you—even to those completely new to the game—to understand.

REAL LIFE Scenarios

We want you to understand how to apply what you learn in the virtual classroom to real life, so we break down real life scenarios for you.

EASILY digestible chunks

We go over each topic in great detail and break down even the most difficult concepts into smaller pieces that are much easier to understand.

LOGIC-based learning

It isn't about rote memorization at We teach you the logic behind the elements of the game with interactive videos. We ask you a question, pause for you to think about it, then give you the answer...and most importantly, the why behind it.

Image by Esteban Lopez


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"Samantha and Brian have a way of breaking down the complexities of Bridge into easily digestible nuggets of information that help you better understand the game and make you excited to get started playing it."

Christine Anatone