Samantha and Brian have been playing and teaching bridge for over 30 years. Our team at The Bridge Teachers is passionate about the sport (yes, it’s classified as a sport by the World Bridge Organization and recognized by the Olympic Committee!) and educating others.


Samantha MacDouglas

Teacher / Owner

Samantha has been playing bridge since she was a child, with her family. “Kitchen Bridge” as it was called led her to contract bridge, and the rest was history. Samantha has penned several books on bridge, which will be available for sale on the site soon!

If you are interested in receiving an advanced copy of her book, sign up and you will be added to our list to be one of the first to be notified when the book is available.

Brian Reynolds

Teacher / Owner

Brian learned bridge in college, after meeting Samantha. An avid game-player his whole life, he took to it quickly, and never stops trying to improve his game. Brain can often be found on BBO playing with clients, or, if he’s lucky, his favorite partner, Samantha.

Brian Reynolds Bridge.jpeg
Morgan MacDouglas.jpeg

Morgan MacDouglas

Teacher / Owner

Morgan learned bridge in college, with Samantha and Brian, and has been active in the bridge world since. Morgan mainly  focuses on the technical aspects of education and filming, but has been known to play a hand or two.


What our Bridge players say

"Samantha and Brian have a way of breaking down the complexities of Bridge into easily digestible nuggets of information that help you better understand the game and make you excited to get started playing it."

Christine Anatone

Bella, Izzy, Kayda and Kenai

The Dogs of Bridge

The Dogs of Bridge have been featured in an ACBL  documentary, “The Kids Table” and have probably listened to more bridge lectures than anyone else on this list. To date, none of the dogs have learned to actually PLAY bridge, but they have been known to bark when trump are left out.