What we offer

We offer hundreds of video courses on all things bridge. Want to improve your bidding? Declarer play? Defense? We have just the course for you. Our in-depth courses take you through the logic of how things work so that your understanding of bridge goes far beyond rote memorization. We also take actual hands that come up in play and break them down.

Our focus is on players newer to the game, however everyone, even players with more experience, will find courses here to help them improve their bridge playing and enjoy the game more.

Watch the sample video below for a sneak-peek at what a
TheBridgeTeachers.com lesson is like and the video below that to learn how to play bridge in under TWO minutes! 

BIDDING | One of a Major: Breakdown: Our first choice of opening is One of a Major, learn about how to open it and two of responder's most basic responses in this video.

Mechanics | Learn Bridge in Under TWO Minutes!: In this video you will learn how to play bridge in under TWO minutes! Seriously.


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